Go Guerilla Filmcast Intro

Welcome to the Go Guerilla Podcast! This is our introductory episode where you get to learn more about us as we ramble on about ourselves, why we wanted to do this podcast, and what you can expect weekly from us.
Go Guerilla will be a weekly podcast diving into topics regarding indie film production, topics that relate to indie film as well as guests in related fields. Please visit us on the socials as we’d love to hear from you! GoGuerillaFilm on Instagram GoGuerillaFilm on Twitter GoGuerillaFilm@GMail.com

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3 comments on “Go Guerilla Filmcast Intro”

  • Nancy Allison

    Hey there, Paul & Sasha,

    It was great to see your work and to meet you at the VOB FF last weekend. (Wow, seems like a lifetime since then!) Sorry, I couldn’t stay for the rest of the festival. Did you guys? How was it?

    I just listened to your intro pod-cast. It was a lot of fun. You two make a great tag team. Very entertaining and informative. Living part-time in the Hudson Valley myself, I could especially identify with the talk about the electric power.😉 Actually, I could identify with a lot and love the term “legal guerrilla” filmmaking. I’d be happy to share some of my own legal, and not so legal, experiences with your pod-cast community any time.

    Meanwhile, do you mind if I add your e-mail to my Mail Chimp list? I send one out about 4x/per year.

    All best,
    Nancy Allison

  • Paul

    Thanks so much! And yes please, feel free to add us to your mailing list. We’d love to have you on some point to talk about your experiences filming and anything else! Our EMail is goguerillafilm@gmail.com

    • Nancy Allison

      Great! Guess you’ve already added my email to your address book. Still, the Mail Chimps seem to have a hard time getting through. I’ll let you know when I send the next one out.

      Meanwhile, good luck with the weekly pod-casts. I admire your undisciplined discipline.


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