Episode 5: Kicking Ass and Taking Names with Cassandra Ebner

In this episode we talk with the amazingly accomplished Cassandra Ebner. We are so thrilled to have her on the podcast!!
Cassandra started her career as an avid YouTuber, where she made her own skits vlogging and documenting her life, while developing her skills in acting and stunts. She has also been editing for many years, including the trailer from her most recent endeavor, Life XP, which she is producing, writing and starring in. Life XP has been green lit by IPF (a Canadian Production funding program that chose 17 web-series to fund out of 147 this year). She’s a professional Stunt woman by day and aspiring filmmaker by night, where she gets to share her love of storytelling, while simultaneously fulfilling her passion for acting and going boom!

You can find her at:


you can follow Life XP at:

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